Last year we launched the first PDX Casino Night to benefit the work of Embrace Oregon. We raised enough funds to renovate 6 visitation rooms at the Midtown child welfare office, where children in foster care spend time with their biological parents. 

Our Mission

PDX Casino Night seeks to raise awareness and funds to support Embrace Oregon with its mission to connect caring community members with vulnerable children in foster care and families. Our focus is to communicate the need, raise money, and gather volunteers for a specific vision/project each year.

There are so many fantastic organizations out there to partner with so I decided to use my passion for raising money and hosting events and channel it towards providing additional support to an organization I felt aligned with my core values. Embrace Oregon speaks to me on multiple levels. Most importantly, it’s their call for support that most inspires me. They mention dreaming of a day where waiting lists apply to foster homes caring for a child and not children needing homes. They dream of siblings being able to stay together in care. They dream of strong community support for struggling families helping to reduce the number of children entering into care. These are my dreams too! And I believe we all are called to do our part. Would you join me in supporting an organization that supports family, community, and social justice?
— Matt DeWolf, PDX Casino Night Founder

What We've Achieved

  • We raised $42,000 thanks to the generosity of those who attended the PDX Casino Night.

  • Renovated 6 visitation rooms + 2 meeting rooms, where children in foster care spend time with their biological parents.

  • Invited businesses, faith communities, and individuals to sponsor a visitation room and lead the renovation.

  • Created interactive spaces for families as they work towards reunification.

  • Provided new furniture for the visitation rooms, including new cabinets, sink, and microwave.

  • Recruited over 50 volunteers.